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Comets Walk Out to Remember

Alyse Charleron, Assistant Editor

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On Wednesday students at Clayton High School organized a walk out to honor the students killed at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School a month ago Rather than being a political matter it was a remembrance to those whose lives were lost.

No one at CHS was required to participate in the walk out, but that did not stop the dozens of students from pouring out of the school to show their love and support. In a speech, CHS Student Caleb Britton focused on the 17 lives that were lost last month rather than what could have prevented their deaths and what should be done to prevent future school violence. It was a powerful speech that moved some students to tears. Then one by one, each member of the Student Government Association released a balloon containing information about a student, a teacher, husband, wife, brother, or sister, who died a month ago.

For students who participated, the walk out was not a time to play but rather an emotion-filled vigil for reflection. Jamari Cradle, junior, said this was an important topic which is very relevant to high school students as well as the fact that even though tragedy has struck students can band together from small local schools from across the nation. Jaden Smith, junior, said that while yesterday’s walk out remembered the victims, there needs to be a change in how schools are run.

Even though the school had organized the event and wanted it to be politics-free many of the students did not mind. “It was more organized and I’m glad that the staff had gotten involved because it showed it is not just a student thing and that they [the staff] support us,” said Thomas Sanders, junior.

Sanders said that what happened at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School was “an act of violence and lives being lost at school, a place of learning, is something that as students we shouldn’t have to worry about. Walking out is a way to honor those who died and acknowledge that there is a problem in America.” He added “that there is power in numbers and as long as we work together to achieve a certain cause than we can achieve a certain goal.”.

(Photos by Sarah Moore, Chief Photographer.)

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