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Don’t be a Fool!

Sarah Moore, Staff Writer

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          For this fall semester, the Clayton Performing Arts Program at Clayton High School is hosting a play called ‘Fools’ by Neil Simon. This play is based on a place in Russia and the town has been under a curse of stupidity for many years. A schoolmaster comes into the town to educate the citizens of the town to release them of the curse. If the schoolmaster can not educate the citizens, he might also fall under the curse. Two students from the play, Grace Meecha and Tyler Ellis, sat down with me to answer a few questions.


    1. What is your role in the play ‘Fools’?
      1. Grace Meecha: “I run the technical stuff in the back meaning I deal with the lights and the sounds of the show.”
      2. Tyler Ellis: “I play the lead in the role Leon Tolchinsky. He’s the school teacher that is super excited about this place in Russia, up until he finds out that the whole town is stupid.”
    2. How many people are apart of the cast/crew?
      1. Grace Meecha: “There are 11 people on cast and 14 people on tech along with 3 extra people that help with tech that are usually on stage.”
    3. When/How were auditions for the play?
      1. Grace Meecha: “They were two to three weeks after school started and we had to memorize lines and perform for the judges.”


  • Tyler Ellis: “There were two separate monologues, one for boys and one for girls. They had to memorize a monologue and perform in front of three judges, which are the directors of the show.”


    1. Are the shows produced here at Clayton High School student produced?


  • Grace Meecha: “Basically, but Meigs and other teachers come around and make sure that we are still doing the things we need to do.”


    1. Between your schoolwork and practice for the play, would you consider that hard to keep intact?
      1. Grace Meecha: “It can be, especially since I stay after school a lot.”
      2. Tyler Ellis: “I would consider it hard especially since the long hours of focusing on the show and trying to focus on your classes as well.”
    2. Right before you get on stage, what is that feeling like?


  • Grace Meecha: “As for me I have to make sure that all the technical stuff is running properly and that if something is messed up then I need to fix that. We have to make sure that everything is intact.”


    1. Tyler Ellis: “It is nervous mixed in with excitement. It can be confusing about which one you are. Once you get on stage, it’s total excitement because once they start laughing at what you are saying, it’s awesome!”
  1. What is one of the toughest obstacles you had to face while trying to produce this show?
    1. Grace Meecha: “My problem was having stuff and not having it where it was supposed to be and not having working light bulbs.”
    2. Tyler Ellis: “Memorizing lines. There are so many lines to memorize in the show that I have to remember and that has been the most for me so far.”


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