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New Teachers at CHS

Jaiden Dreyer, Staff Writer

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New teachers were added to the 2017-2018 staff at Clayton High School. The Comet Pride Online Staff asked them a series of questions to get to know these new teachers a little better.

The Questions were:

1) What do you teach?
2) How long have you been teaching?
3) What has your experience been at Clayton High School so far?
4)Why did you pick to teach high schoolers? Why did you pick to teach at Clayton High School specifically?

Multiple teachers were glad to respond and answer the questions , here are some responses:


Greg Parrish

1) “I teach Principles of Business and Personal Finance.”

2) “This is my 1st year Lateral Entry Teacher.”

3) “My experience has been great! I have a lot of support on the Business hall from all the other teachers and the admin are also great!”

4) “I picked high schoolers to teach because I have 3 teenagers myself and I felt that I could better relate to these age groups. Clayton High had a position open in the exact field that I was looking for.”


Brian Roach

  1. “I teach AFM and Honors Math 3.”
  2. “This is my 27th year teaching.”
  3.  “I have had a very positive experience.  It has been a lot of fun.”
  4.  “Teenagers are fun to work with. I enjoy seeing high school kids grow into college kids who then become professionals in their chosen field.  That is very fulfilling.  I taught here for 17 years previously. I kept hearing all of the positive things that were being said about Clayton now that Mr. Jones is the principal and wanted to be a part. Fortunately, things worked out so I could return.”


Rachel Camarota

1) “I teach English I and English II this semester.”

2) “This is my very first year!”

3) “I LOVE this school so much. From the leadership to the students, I am truly surrounded by some of the greatest people in the world. They make me look forward to coming to work everyday. I definitely feel at home here at CHS.”

4) “The high school age has always been my passion. I feel like there are so many struggles at this age – between social media, drama, problems at home, and trying to figure out who you are – this age needs the most love and guidance. I picked Clayton High School because my vision for teaching aligned with Principal Jones vision. We both care more about the students and establishing good relationships with them than rules or grades.”


Abigail Tucker

  1. “I teach Foundations of Math 1.”
  2. “This is my first year at Clayton High School. Previous to Clayton, I taught at Athens Drive High School.”
  3. “My experience has been great! I have been a part of the comet community for the past 3 years now. I started coaching the Varsity Cheerleading team in 2015. I love the sense of the tight knit community and the spunk of the kids. I also have to give a shout out to our math department! They have been my rock and are the reason that I have had such a great experience.”
  4. “I chose to teach high school because I love the age of the kids. It is really a time for growth and to have fun before you hit the real world! I also feel like I can be myself around the kids this age. It’s easy for me to connect with this age group.

I chose to teach at Clayton because of my cheerleaders. They have been my motivation and I love being able to be at school with them and continue my passion for cheerleading through coaching. I also chose Clayton because of the our administration. I love the energy and how they allow us to choose how we want to teach and reach our students.”  


Michael Nixon

1+2) “This is my first year teaching these classes because this is the first year of the program.  I retired from the Raleigh Fire Department in 2016. And before that I taught biology and physics here at Clayton in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. I grew up running through the halls here at CHS. My dad taught and coached  here for 26 years.  The football field is even named in his honor. I was an assistant coach on the 1989 State Championship Team. So, my roots are deep here at CHS.”

3)”My experience has been wonderful. I’ve got great students and I work with some amazing teachers. Plus, the administration here is a dream to work with. They have all been very supportive.”

4)”I picked CHS because this is the only school in the county teaching the program this semester.  Next semester I will be at SSS teaching the same classes there. Hopefully next year I’ll be back,teaching 2 semesters when Firefighter 2 is added to the class load.”


All the teachers have had positive experiences since being at Clayton High School. Many have talked about Mr. Jones’s positive vision and goals for Clayton High School and how it attracted them to teach here in a positive and encouraging environment.

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