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Editorial: Dear Students

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Dear Clayton High School Students,


We wanted to talk to you about respecting our school. This school is the place where we get our education, our home away from home. We don’t just learn about math and science, but important life lessons as well. One of the most important of these lessons is respect. Here at Clayton High School, we learn to respect our administrators, our teachers, our peers, and our school itself. This being said, we have had a problem with respect recently. Some of the students here have been disrespecting this school by pulling the fire alarm, stealing a teacher’s phone, and not cleaning up after themselves.

First of all, never mind the absolute disrespect shown, pulling the fire alarm without a reason is illegal. You can get a fine or a sentence from it. You may think it is harmless to pull the fire alarm, but these firefighters don’t know it’s a false alarm. They must treat every situation like the real thing; using their time, their resources, and taxpayer money. So for them to rush to the high school in a panic, all to find out the fire alarm was false, means it was a waste of their time. What if they had an actual emergency? What if they needed their men and trucks somewhere there was actually an emergency, and they just wasted their time to find out that an immature high school student pulled an alarm as a prank? Not to mention this alarm was pulled during comet time, the best part of the day for majority of students. During Comet Time, students can get the extra help they need, make up work, or have free time with their friends; none of which should be interrupted because someone thought it would be funny to pull the fire alarm.

Another issue at Clayton is stealing. In the most recent incident that we know of, a teacher’s phone was stolen. We don’t understand what would cause someone to steal anyone’s phone; but a teacher’s? Your teachers teach you the things you need to graduate, along with life lessons that you also need to succeed. These teachers spend all of this time to help you do great things in life, and you repay them by stealing their phone? The stealing needs to stop, no matter the reasoning for it. Whether you were stealing it for money, revenge, or as a prank, none of these are valid reasons that justify your actions. Furthermore, if you stole the phone just to sell it, you don’t deserve the money anyway. Stealing doesn’t get you anywhere in life, and the only person you are actually hurting or getting back at is yourself in the long run.

One of the biggest and most ongoing problems here at our school is the trash left in the courtyard. This is once again extremely disrespectful to the administration, the custodians, and your school. By leaving this trash in the courtyard shows how little pride you have in your school. If you cared about the school or even had one ounce of school pride, you would want to keep our courtyards clean. As most people, we are supposed to pick up our trash. Mr. Jones wanting us to pick up our trash is not an extra thing, it is something you are already supposed to do. If you don’t pick up your trash, what makes you think other people should? It shows the rest of the student body how childish you are. What makes you feel so entitled, that you don’t have to pick up your trash like the rest of us? It is not the administration’s job, or your fellow peer’s job to pick up after you. The people who are leaving their trash all over the courtyard need to show a bit more respect and get out of the mindset that justifies leaving their mess to someone else.

In closing, we think everyone in this school needs a lesson on respect and how their actions affect the rest of the student body. These few people who act up affect the schedule of the rest of us. When comet time is taken, we don’t get the help that we need. The few students who act out do not represent the entire school, and not all of us have the disrespect that they do. We do not want to be thought of as the class or generation who didn’t know the difference between a prank and illegal activity, or the generation who showed such a lack of respect for their school that they had to take away comet time. We want to be remembered as respectful and cooperative, with a pride in our school. If you wear your comet blue proudly, make sure you show that not just by cheering at the games, but by respecting your school and administration every day.


Sincerely, The staff of The Comet Pride Online

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Editorial: Dear Students