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Homecoming Court Q&A

Lauren Mckoy, Staff Writer

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This year the underclassmen homecoming nominees are, Kyra Lynch, Brionna Riley, Lonnie Southerland, Jayla Humble, Timiya Hunter, and Kailey Lynch. This year’s upperclassmen homecoming nominees are, Rebbeca Ahaus, Denise Alonso, Gabrielle Nichols, Taylor Smith, Brooke VanHeel, Kasey Wilkins, with the seniors, Noemie Austin, Alexis Chapman, Alissa Chapman, Allie Dunekack, Niambe James, Bryce Miller, Nadia Smalls, Amya Wright, Devin Carter, Joseph Collins, Joey Greco, Joshua Latta, Macaleb Robertson, Ryion Sanders, Tyrone Thompson, and Noah Williams.


The following content is from students who participated in the interviews.


Q1: What made you want to run for Homecoming Court?

Ryion Sanders: It’s a major accomplishment, I want to be able to look back and say I won and make my parents proud.

Joshua Latta: I always wanted to run since freshman year but never had the confidence. This year I wanted to run for people with insecurities, depression, or who were considered an ‘outsider’, I wanted to run for the ‘nerds’, ‘geeks’, ‘jocks’, ‘hispters’, ‘rebels’, and the ‘freaks’.

Noemie Austin: I tried last year and didn’t make it so I wasn’t planning on running but I thought I’d try it again and that it would be fun.  

Niambe James: I didn’t want to run for Homecoming Court at first but my friends kept telling me I should, so I thought why not?

Kasey Wilkins: I wanted to run because it was the same girls running each year and I thought it would be nice to have someone different and I knew my friends would support me. I wanted to go to the game and be able to tell my kids that I was on Homecoming Court.

Kailey Lynch: I personally ran because it seemed like a fun experience and I’m all for experiencing new things.

Kyra Lynch: I wanted to run for Homecoming Court because I thought it would be a cool experience!


Q2: Did you know you were gonna be nominated?

Ryion Sanders: I was surprised because I felt like an underdog.

Joshua Latta: I had faith that I would and I thought it was time that a good guy won and showed everyone you didn’t have to know everyone to be appreciated or be King

Noemie Austin: I was surprised, really surprised.

Niambe James: Yes, my friends told me.

Kasey Wilkins: I campaigned a lot, so I had a feeling I would but when the nominees were called I was nervous because I was called last.

Kailey Lynch: I kind of knew because I was provided a lot of support and motivation from the sophomore class.

Kyra Lynch: I did not know I was going to get nominated. I just made a post and put it out there on social media.


Q3: Who do you want to win King and Queen?

Ryion Sanders: I want to win, it doesn’t matter who wins Queen.

Joshua Latta: I want to win King.

Noemie Austin: Myself and Josh Latta.

Niambe James: I want to win Queen.

Kasey Wilkins: Devin Carter and Bryce Miller.

Kailey Lynch: I wan Bryce Miller to win Queen and Devin Carter to win King.

Kyra Lynch: I want Alissa Chapman and Tyrone Thompson to win.


Q4: Who do you think is gonna win King and Queen?

Ryion Sanders: Myself and Bryce Miller or Allie Dunekack.

Noemie Austin: I think Josh Latta and I both have a good chance of winning.

Kailey Lynch: For the girls I think Nadia is going to win because she knows a lot of people and she’s well-known.

Kyra Lynch: I think Alissa Chapman is going to win and I think Tyrone Thompson is going to win.


Q5: Who are you gonna walk with during the pep rally?

Noemie Austin: Gemell Williams

Kasey Wilkins: Savion Jackson

Kailey Lynch: Sophomore Class President, Chris Everett

Kyra Lynch: Deaveon Williams


Q6: Do you think we’re gonna win the homecoming game? Why?

Ryion Sanders: Yes, we’re the best team in the conference

Joshua Latta: I know we’re going to win, “when you step in comet country your fate is sealed”.

Noemie Austin: I think we have a good chance, we have a winning streak so far.

Niambe James: I believe we’re gonna win, “I mean we beat Garner”.

Kasey Wilkins: I think so, we have a good chance with how we’ve been playing.

Kailey Lynch: Yes. I think we’re going to win because our football team is good this year.

Kyra Lynch: I think we will win the game because we have been doing a good job and I believe in us.


Q7: Anything you’d like to add?

Ryion Sanders: “Vote for me! – Flyguyry”

Noemie Austin: “Vote for me!”

Niambe James: “Thanks to everyone who voted, it’s really cool to be nominated cause I didn’t imagine something like this would happen.”

Kyra Lynch: “I am just thankful for being apart of this great experience!”

Joshua Latta; “If  I win, we all win. Not just the people who voted for me but the ones who didn’t, too. If I win it’ll be a real-life underdog story, proving that you don’t have to be the most known, or attractive, or just cool in general to win, you just have to be nice to everyone. When I win I’m gonna hold up the crown for the crowd to cheer, not for me but for themselves because on that day we will all become King and Queens.”

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  1. Lauren Mckoy on October 16th, 2017 9:43 am

    Thank you!!

  2. Kimberly Evans on October 16th, 2017 9:44 am

    Lauren, this is beautifully written. The execution of format is impeccable and I appreciate that you kept it short, sweet, but still informative and fun!!!!!!!!!!!! 😉

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