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Homecoming Parade takes over Downtown Clayton

Alyse Charleron, Staff Writer

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The Clayton High School parade was held beautifully through downtown with a better turnout than previous years. This is because unlike previous years this years’ parade was held a whole two hours later. This is because the homecoming coordinators as well as our principal wanted to allow children from other school as well as parents who may have had to work. As a part of the newspaper staff it is our duty to get the details regarding this joyous occasion. We got to interview a few of the many floats around us but unfortunately due to time constraints we weren’t able to interview more. We did however, gather answers from volleyball, FFA, the class of 2020, and last but not least FCCLA who took a different approach to their float.

We chose to interview volleyball as they had they unique idea to use a net within their float. Everyone on the volleyball was on the float which took them approximately three days to build. When asked they said that creative ideas were to be accredited to Brittney Blount, Aiyana Waldu, and Ally Felix although some of these allegations have been self-proclaimed. When building their float their vision for it was to have the best float in the parade and this seems to have been achieved because when asked they said their float came out way better than expected.

The next float happens to be the one that was in front of the newspaper float which was FFA. Unfortunately for FFA not all members were present in the float but some however were walking beside it. Also, there were some non-members on the float which is the result of all the help and creative ideas they contributed. It took them approximately two and a half to three days to finish the float which didn’t end up taking a turn the members wanted to. Ainden Kneer was the one who assumed creative liberty on the float as unanimously voted by the members. He said, “There was a specific theme, however, due to time constraints it turned out to be FFA themed instead.” However, they also said it turned out to be a last minute perfection.

The Class of 2020 stuck out the most to us as their float was a direct attack to Cary High School Imps. On the float were Chris Everett, president of the sophomore class, as well as a few other officers and sophomores. Their float took longer than the others as it took two weeks to complete. They say their was an equally divided part in the making of the float as they used everyone’s ideas collectively and the end result was better than expected.

Finally FCCLA’s float took on a different approach. Instead decorating extravagantly majority of the members were on the truck and trailer hold posters for their club. It only took one hour to gather everyone. They wanted to have their message heard instead of a family float. This message includes having a good character, being supportive, and being positive which they try to portray everyday at Clayton High School. Finally, at the end Tyzayia Watkins wanted to say, “Join FCCLA because we’re all just one big family.”

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  1. Corinthia Marson on October 19th, 2017 10:36 am

    Such a good article! I heard the author is super pretty as well! Organized thoughts and very well written. I like that I can relate this to the town of Clayton as well. Such an underrated program!

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Homecoming Parade takes over Downtown Clayton